There are a variety of drugs which you are able to use in Torn City. Each drug gives you after effects for a duration of time. Then you are stuck with its after effects until the time limit is up. While there are rough guidelines for what each drug does, there is a randomness which causes their effects to vary.

The side effects include, but are not limited to:

- Overdoses are completely random, normally resulting in hospital time.

- Addiction, resulting in being kicked out of education and then later being unable to train without being high.

- Not having full use of one's battle stats when not high (some players have reported a 40 % drop in stats efficiency when not high).

Most people basically use only a few of the drugs available:

- Xanax: Best drug for training, but highly addictive.

- Extacy: The poor mans training drug. Fairly addictive relative to its low cost, but nowhere near Xanax.

- Vicodin: The war drug. Not very addictive, and highly appreciated by the warring factions as it reduces energy use while under it's influence.

- Cannabis: What you use to train when you are broke and addicted, due to its low cost.

Here's a list of all drug prices at certain locations, gathered June 2012, courtesy of Kikibombon [1365948]

  • Africa LSD $568,456 Opium $45,281 PCP $196,604 Shrooms $5,964 Xanax $919,132
  • Canada Cannabis $4,810 Ecstasy $46,891 LSD $686,993 PCP $178,268 Speed $263,996 Vicodin $81,332 Xanax $851,557
  • China Ecstasy $49,041 LSD $487,360 Opium $33,485 PCP $247,750 Speed $323,801
  • Japan Ecstasy $28,905 Ketamine $83,115 Opium $72,611 Shrooms $11,554 Speed $197,872 Vicodin $127,962 Xanax $710,629
  • Switzerland Cannabis $4,460 Ketamine $93,478 LSD $482,678 PCP $287,979 Shrooms $12,712
  • UK (London) Cannabis $5,681 Ecstasy $36,289 Ketamine $64,792 PCP $191,262 Shrooms $7,049 Vicodin $127,573 Xanax $675,753
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